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Road to Rio Olympic Challenge has launched!

June 10, 2016 . 9:03 pm

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games kick off on the 5 August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… that’s 7,503 miles from Shepperton, in 55 days!  Help us get there on time by walking, jogging, running, rowing, cycling, spinning and stepping your way to the carnival city. Log your completed miles on the results board in the gym (you can’t miss it), and we will all move closer to Rio! As a guide, during a spinning class you cycle approximately: 15 miles in a 30 min class

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The blue light affecting your sleep, by Matt

June 6, 2016 . 4:30 pm

Along with training and nutrition, improving the quality of your sleep is a key factor when it comes to weight loss and general wellbeing. From a training perspective, sleep plays a big role helping your body recover. Poor sleep will mean poor recovery, resulting in less productive training and possibly not the results you are looking for. Sleep quality is also being linked to a whole host of serious health problems. One of the main culprits for poor quality sleep in

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