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Fresh Kids Parties – Useful Information and Terms

January 15, 2020 @ 4:34 pm

We kindly ask you to read and understand the following Useful Information and Terms & Conditions that apply when booking any party at Fresh Kids, Shepperton. Please make sure your party guests are aware of any of these terms that may affect them.



Venue and Time of your Party

Parties are held at Fresh Sports Centre (Thamesmead school), Manygate Lane, Shepperton TW17 9EE.

All parties include exclusive use, for the duration of your party, of our large sports halls, hallway, reception area, toilets.

Parties generally consist of 1 hour of activity, followed by 30 minutes for food. During this 30-minute period we recommend as follows: first 15 minutes for eating, followed by birthday cake announcement; after this time staff may open the rope swing for those children that have finished eating. This allows the party hosts time to slice and wrap the cake if desired. Once the majority of children are playing, tables will be cleared and wiped down.

Roller Disco Parties have an additional 30 minutes for ‘kit-up’, safety talk and tips on how to get going.

Additional Time for Extra fun! – you can extend all parties by an additional half an hour for a fee of £45 (either Saturday 4pm-6pm or Sunday 4.30pm-6.30pm, subject to availability). This additional time is added to the activity time, allowing children 90 minutes of play. If you’d like to check the possibility of extending your party, please call our Fresh Kids Party Co-ordinator on 07547 540405 or email us.

Arrival times: set-up, clear away and vacating the rooms

Arrival– we ask that you do not enter the premises earlier than 15 minutes before the start of your party. This allows staff time to set up the rooms ready for you. Rest assured that rooms and all required equipment will be setup and ready for your arrival; and should you book food with us all the catering party lunches will be ready for the start of the party. Our staff are on hand to help bring food items from the car park area to the party rooms.

Guest Arrival – it is the party parent’s responsibility to inform guests to arrive no more than a few minutes before the party start time; and to ensure all children are collected by their parent/guardian at the end of the party time.

Clearing away – we can help take any presents or food back to the car park area, the rest – leave it to us! We will clean, tidy, remove rubbish and recycle.

Vacating the Rooms – we do ask that once the party finishes the room is vacated promptly. Fresh Kids endeavours to ensure that all Parties get the best experience – and this means starting the next party on time. For this reason, we will follow the ‘late room hire’ procedure set out as follows:

  • up to 15 minutes after the party is finished is included in your party
  • more than 15 minutes after the party is finished, a ‘late room hire’ fee of £25 will be charged, subject to availability.

Your help and cooperation, in ensuring the rooms are vacated no later than 15 minutes after your party has ended, is much appreciated.

Parties – Optional Extras to add to the fun 

All Parties – Additional time – see above.

Party time Parties – upgrade your Party time Party and swap the 30-minute organised games section for:

  • a 30-minute disco (including fun glow sticks) for an additional £20
  • a 30-minute UV Dodgeball game (including fun glow sticks) for an additional £20

All Parties – Lenny the Lion Mascot – book an appearance from Lenny, our famous Lion mascot. He will join in games, pose for group photos and come back at the end of the party to pose for photos and give each child an inflated balloon on a stick (please note: a Lenny the Lion appearance is FREE of charge when you book Lunch Box catering).

Cool Kids Disco or Roller Disco UV Glow Party – Awesome and Ultimate Glow accessory packs – upgrade your Cool Kids Disco or Roller Disco UV Glow Party with these awesome accessory packs.

You can add Optional Extras to your online booking or by contacting our Fresh Kids Party Co-ordinator on 07547 540405 or email us.

Dedicated Team

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a member of our Team. The Duty Manager is your key point of contact throughout the party and is on hand to ensure that the party runs smoothly and everyone has a great time. Your designated Party Leader will supervise and run party games. They can announce the birthday cake, start singing “Happy Birthday”, assist with serving of food and drinks, clean and tidy, apply any required first aid, help with bringing items into the party rooms and also assist when it is time to leave. Please note however, that children remain the sole responsibility of parents at all times.

Balloons, Decorations, Tables and Chairs

Decorations – the Centre will be decorated with balloons, banners and bunting. You are welcome to bring your own decorations to enhance and personalise your party but these are limited to table or floor standing decorations. You are not permitted to climb on fixtures, fittings or furniture nor to attach decorations to the walls.

Tables, Chairs and Table covers – tables and chairs are included. The tables will be clothed with our colourful, wipeable cloths. You are welcome to bring your own coloured/themed covering for table-tops if you desire. Two long clothed tables are provided for you to use as you choose, for food, cake, gifts.

Guest Numbers

All parties are inclusive of 20 children, including the party child and any siblings. More children can be added at a fee of £20 per bracket of 10 children.

20 children = included

21-30 children = + £20 to the basic party price

31-40 children = + £40 to the basic party price

41-50 children = + £60 to the basic party price

If you book extra children and have less children attend than predicted, the guest numbers fee cannot be removed on the day of the party. However, the number of children attending can be amended on your online booking up to 7 days prior to the party. We will do our best to cater for unexpected party guests on the day and, in this instance, the final number of children attending will be charged as above.


You can order party invites from us. These are printed to a high-quality finish and include a helpful map on the reverse. Invitations are £6.50 for 20 including postage. A FREE downloadable invite is available on our website.

Party Sign-In

Each party will have sign-in sheets on the front Reception desk- these collect the names of all children attending, their parent/carer names and emergency contact number. Should your guests choose to leave their children in your care during the party, there will be a list with contact numbers if required. This is also a register in an emergency, alerting us to who has an adult present and who does not.

Privacy – Fresh is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Notice is available on our website.


Water jugs – water jugs and cups for the children are provided during the party – as all that jumping, swinging, running and having fun is thirsty work! You’re welcome to add squash to these jugs if desired.

Tea/Coffee – complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits is offered to all adults* 15 minutes after the party start time. Drinks will be placed on a designated table in the hallway with a milk jug, sugar and biscuits. You may add additional food/drinks to this area should you desire.  *(up to 30 adults included in the party package)

Please note: Alcohol is not permitted on the premises and hot drinks should be kept away from children and not taken into the halls.

Self-Catered Parties

All parties can be self-catered. Our staff will help carry in food platters and display these as you chose. Staff can offer around these platters to children/adults. You can also use your own private catering company.  Self-catered parties will need to provide their own plates, napkins, cake, candles, cake slice and safety matches; and any other required items for the food section of the party. Please note: there are NO kitchen facilities for use on site and no means to warm food.

Fresh Catering for Children and Adults

For a completely stress and fuss-free party you can Cater with Fresh kids. All food is freshly prepared by our award-winning catering company. Food is generous in portion size and made from fresh ingredients on site. We have two options for Children’s Catering: Lunch Boxes or Platters; plus we can provide tasty Adult Platters too.

Party Lunch Boxes – what’s included?

This is the perfect option for the ultimate party package.

Children’s’ Lunch Box catering is £7.50 per head and includes: a Fresh Kids fluffy bug sticker toy; craft activity with materials and instructions; napkin; all contained in a colourful party lunch box. The Lunch Box contains a whole round of sandwiches on your chosen bread type with your chosen filling/s, two savoury snacks and a sweet snack. Party lunch boxes also come with a free visit from our mascot ‘Lenny the Lion’. Lenny will make an appearance at the party, join in party games and re-appear at the end of the party for photo opportunities; Lenny hands each child an inflated balloon on a stick and waves everyone goodbye. Please see our catering details.

You will need to provide cake, candles, cake slice and safety matches.

Children’s Party Platters

Children’s Party Platter options – because food is always fun on a platter! Please see our catering details for a full review of all food choices: platters include sandwiches, crudités and mini cakes.

Please note: Party Platters do not include the additional toy/craft items or ‘Lenny the Lion’ mascot visit.

You will need to provide plates, napkins, cake, candles, cake slice and safety matches or associated items needed during the party food time.

Adult Food Platters

Adults get hungry too! We can supply adult sandwich platters and mixed cake platters with the same great quality and portion size. Please see our catering details for full catering food choices.

Booking Catering

To book, a catering deposit of £50 is required along with a completed booking form. This deposit will be deducted from the final bill, with the remaining balance due on the day of the party.

Useful List of Items to bring

Here are some items you may wish to bring. This list is a suggestion and by no means exhaustive:

Food, plates, cups, napkins etc (there are NO kitchen facilities on site and no means to warm food)

Birthday cake, cake knife/server, napkins to wrap cake

Birthday candles, matches (please no sparklers/indoor fireworks)

Squash to add to water jugs or desired drinks (no alcohol is allowed on the premises)

Sweets/prizes for games if you choose

Helium balloon to place on the cake/present table

Additional nibbles for parents (tea, coffee, biscuits for up to 30 guests supplied)

Party bags

For the Health & Safety of our Customers …

Fresh Kids parties are covered with public liability insurance and duty managers have enhanced DBS checks.

All of our party packages are appropriate to the age of the children outlined on our website and all activities will be appropriate for the specified age range. Fresh Kids encourages children to have fun and lay in a safe environment. But sometimes fun comes with inherent risks. These include tripping, falling, bumping into fixed objects and also other children. Fresh Kids has taken every reasonable step to control these risks through design, maintenance and risk assessments. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely and parents/guardians must recognise and accept this risk.

Children are advised to be dressed in suitable clothing for the activity. Jewellery is worn at your own risk. If wearing glasses, particular care should be taken.

If you have younger children attending the party we would ask you to please ensure that either the parent or an adult supervisor is there to look after them and prevent them from any mishap or injury.

We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if we feel the children are not responding appropriately and deem the activity as unsuitable.

Parents/Guardians must ensure that children do not become overheated. Children who are unwell should not use the equipment.

Please ensure that any child who suffers from a food or other allergy has emergency medication with them.

Tea lights, sparklers or other naked flames are not permitted. Candles will only be permitted on the birthday cake. Party Poppers are not permitted.

Payment Terms and Cancellation

A deposit of £50 is paid at the time of your booking. Please note that a party is not booked and confirmed until a deposit has been paid and you have received confirmation from us acknowledging payment and confirming the booking. Please note: we can change party details, subject to availability even after your initial booking but no later than 7 days prior to the party date. The number of children attending can be changed up to 3 working days prior to the party date by contacting our Fresh Kids Party Coordinator on 07547 540405.

The remaining party balance is due on the day of the party, payable by cash or card.

A deposit of £50 for Catering is paid at the time of your booking. The remaining catering balance is due on the day of the party. (Catering should be booked as early as possible. Numbers and menus can be changed no later than 7 working days’ prior to your party date).

Cancellation – once a deposit is made, it cannot be refunded if it is within 28 days of the party date. We can however reschedule the party to a later date, subject to availability and within 6 months of the original party date. After that date the following charges will apply:

  • Cancellation between 28 days and 7 days of party date: 50% of basic party price less the deposit will be due.
  • Cancellation within 7 days of the party date: 100% of the basic party price less the deposit.

If you wish to cancel a party, notice must be given in writing and you will receive an email acknowledging the cancellation.

Fresh reserve the right to cancel the booking for good cause, including but not limited to:

  • If it is found that the intended use is not in line with that indicated at the time of booking;
  • that the booking has been transferred to a third party;
  • on any grounds of health and safety;
  • if there is a breach of our terms and conditions.

Fresh will not be liable for any loss or expenses incurred by you, either directly or indirectly, if it cancels the booking for good cause.

Further Information:

Lost Property- Fresh do not accept responsibility or liability for any property left on the premises by your guests.

Animals – Animals are not permitted within the Sports Centre (with the exception of guide dogs only).

No Smoking – there is no smoking permitted (including E-cigarettes) within the Sports Centre or the school premises.

Car Parking and Access – there is ample parking on site. Customers park at their own risk.

Baby Change Facilities – available within the Centre (there is no nappy disposal available, please remove your clinical waste on departure).

Privacy Notice – Fresh is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Notice explains our data processing practices and your options regarding the ways in which your data is used. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to our processing please contact us at

Entire Agreement – these terms and conditions together with your Party Booking Form constitute the entire agreement between us and you and supersedes all previous agreements, discussions, correspondence and representations. Any variation to this agreement must be evidenced in writing and agreed between the parties to be a variation to these terms.

Telephone: 01932 225 953 . Email: