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Virtually Fresh T45 Body Workout with Ildi – no weights required

April 8, 2020 . 8:37 am

Join Fresh Gym Class Instructor, Ildi, as she takes you through a 30 minute whole body workout. This session with build lean muscles while burning lots of calories.

Use with or without weights. Perfect for beginners or intermediate levels.

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Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Home Yoga Practice with Hilary

April 7, 2020 . 5:29 pm

Join Fresh Gym Class Instructor, Hilary, for this fun 30 minute flow to feel alive. A special at-home practice in a sunny (but windy) garden.

Sequences to open up the heart and hips, accepting a change in perspective as we peak with wild thing/flipdog pose. A welcoming sense of peacefulness and ease for both mind and body.

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Facebook Live – FreshGym – Class Timetable

April 6, 2020 . 12:18 pm

Kick off your week with Live workouts on our facebook page.

This week we’re bringing you even more great classes to join in at home or in the garden during, what promises to be, a week of lovely sunshine!

Join our Fresh Personal Trainers and Class Instructors as they put you through your paces.

Stay motivated, make time to exercise – mix things up by trying different class types … find your Zen, work your abs with Adam’s circuits or discover hot latin dance steps.

Stay strong and stay healthy!

Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Booty Blast with Rachael

April 6, 2020 . 8:40 am

Join Fresh Gym Personal Trainer, Rachael, for 30 minutes of glutes and legs!

This Booty Blast class is a comprehensive lower body workout that will tone and tighten from your abs to your hips all the way down to your heels. You’ll improve and strengthen your bottom, legs, hips, lower back, inner and outer thighs.

Join in – it’s a class for everyone!

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Virtually Fresh with Ellie – Mobility workouts

April 3, 2020 . 12:21 pm

Join Fresh Personal Trainer, Ellie, for Mobility sessions on our You Tube channel.

If you’ve been sitting too long and need a break take a few minutes to go through Ellie’s mobility movements. Repeat these moves throughout the day – it will lighten your mood and keep you mobile.

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Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Yoga with Emma

April 3, 2020 . 8:37 am

Join Fresh Gym Class Instructor, Emma, for 30 minutes of Morning Time Yoga.

Start your day by feeling more energised. Improve your flexibility, strengthen your core and improve your balance. This yoga session will help straighten your posture and boost your confidence.

A class for everyone and everybody, no matter what age, ability or gender.

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Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Body Conditioning with Muna

April 2, 2020 . 8:46 am

Time to join Muna! A 30-minute total body conditioning class that uses resistance training and weights to work on your strength, muscular endurance and tone.

This session incorporates aerobic exercise to work on cardiovascular fitness – in short, it combines all aspects of fitness to give you the ultimate full workout!

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Virtually Fresh – Yoga Asana Practice with Fiona

April 2, 2020 . 7:03 am

A 30 minute Yoga session with Fresh Class Instructor, Fiona – lengthen hamstrings, build stamina and promote calm.

Move through this Asana practice with the breath to restore a sense of peace and wellbeing.


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Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Yoga Flow with Hilary

March 31, 2020 . 5:47 pm

Join Fresh Gym Class Instructor, Hilary as she takes you through 30 minutes of Yoga.

Grounding to achieve stability and calm. Tap into your inner warrior within the flow for strength and stillness, in the midst of movement and change.

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Virtually Fresh – T45 with Ildi

March 31, 2020 . 8:42 am

Join in this strength and tone class with Fresh Class Instructor, Ildi.

A 30-minute metabolic training class where you build lean muscle while burning fat. Using dumbbells or any weight you have – Ildi uses 4, 5 and 8kgs.

Performing supersets starting with compound movements and finishing with some core work. SuperSet 30 sec + 30 sec with only 30 seconds rest.

It’s a great way to incorporate weight training into your workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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