Weight-bearing Classes

Weight-bearing Classes - Your Personal Safety

Once we are permitted to attend classes indoors:

Our varied programme of weight-bearing classes will be back, including Body Conditioning and T45 classes in our spacious studios. To keep you and your trainer safe during your Body Conditioning / T45 class, please follow these guidelines.

If you feel unwell or show any signs or symptoms that could be related to Covid-19, please do not attend the class.


  • Arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your class is due to start. This will help prevent crowding with the previous session.
  • Wait at the Reception waiting point until you are called forward.
  • Use the hand-sanitiser station on entry.
  • Swipe your Membership card to check in.
  • Hydrate – please come pre-prepared with a full water bottle. The water fountain will remain closed. Bottled water is available to purchase at Reception.
  • Pick up your cleaning cloth and sanitising spray.
  • Proceed past Reception and make your way directly to the Studio.
  • Studio: take the furthest marked out zone from the door.
  • Equipment such as barbells, weights and a step will be placed in your zone prior to class start.
  • Stay within your zone for the duration of the class.
  • All classes will be filmed for ‘live-streaming’. The class set up is such that ONLY the class Instructor will be in view though attendees must keep within their zone to ensure this.
  • At the end of your class, use your cloth and anti-bac spray to wipe down your weights and step. If you have used a blue Fresh mat, please wipe down the mat with anti-bac. LEAVE all equipment used, including the mat, on the floor for the Team to sanitise and put away.
  • Exit the class promptly.  Place your used cloth in the bin provided by reception and leave your spray bottle on the table provided.
  • Use the hand-sanitiser and then exit the building promptly via Reception.


  • Wear your ‘class ready’ training gear so that you can go straight to class.
  • Where possible, avoid using the Changing Room facilities. The Changing Rooms, Toilets and Shower are available – but please be aware there is a maximum of 3 people at any one time in the Ladies Change and 4 people at any one time in the Men’s Change.
  • Towels – at this point, we must stress that towels are only taken into the Studio to be used as a headrest or such. Towels must not be used to wipe down mats or equipment.
  • Floor mats – where possible please bring your own. Mats are available to purchase at Fresh Reception for £25.
  • Please respect the safety of others by social distancing.
  • Please be aware a Class booking is just that. Please DO NOT enter the Cardio or Free-Weight area to warm up or workout. These areas must be pre-booked.

Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping us all safe and well.

The Fresh Team

Telephone: 01932 225 953 . Email: info@trainfresh.com