Welcome! And thank you for booking the Fresh Kids Holiday Club 2021

We’re delighted to be able to offer you this service during the restrictions of Covid-19.

In line with government guidance, and at the current step 4 of the government Covid-19 response guidance, we can offer provision to all children, without restriction on the reasons for which they may attend.

As you would expect, Holiday Club will continue to look and be a little different whilst our safety  restrictions and guidelines are in place. We will adapt routines within the Holiday Club to reduce social interactions and minimise the risk of transmission. We would like to reassure you that we are continually conducting risk assessments and planning the necessary steps to ensure the highest standards of safety can be maintained.

There will be changes – and we ask for your patience and understanding while these are implemented. All procedures have been designed for maximum safety of the children, staff, parents and carers.

Where possible, children will be grouped by schools, siblings and friendship groups; and breaks will be outside in the Quad area or on the playing field as much as possible.

How Parents/Carers can help:

  • Where possible and in line with Government guidance, please limit your holiday club provision to one setting during holidays, such as Fresh Kids.
  • Children who are unwell in any way (not just with recognised Covid-19 symptoms) MUST NOT attend Holiday Club.
  • Children who have someone in their household who has coronavirus systems MUST NOT attend Holiday Club.
  • Children who have been in contact with someone in another setting who has tested positive for Covid-19, MUST follow the instructions given to them by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Where possible, walk, cycle or use a private vehicle and avoid using public transport to Holiday Club.
  • During Drop-off and Pick-up there will be a safe-distance queuing system so that only one household are at Reception at any time. Please allow extra time for this in the morning and afternoons and keep to the distance markings.
  • Belongings – parents will not be entering the site. As such, please ensure items of clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles are clearly labelled and contained in a back pack.
    • For the safety of children and staff, children should not bring in items from home such as toys, cards and gadgets. We know this is difficult for some children, but it will help reduce the chance of cross-contamination and infection.
    • Government guidance states that wearing a face mask during Holiday Club is not recommended. A face mask should be removed on arrival and placed in a plastic bag inside the back pack.
  • Medication – please bring medications, plus clear instructions for administering, in a clear bag. Please ensure you have completed, or we already hold, a ‘Permission to Administer’ medicine form. Please do not leave medication in your child’s bag – this should be handed over to the Duty Manager on arrival.
  • Outdoor weather – please include labelled sun hat, sunscreen, waterproof in the back pack. Children must apply their own sunscreen during the day. Spray bottles are easier for children to use and a base layer should be applied before coming to Holiday Club.

This is a new time for all of us and new adjustments to Fresh Kids. We ask that you kindly work with us to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Thank you.

Keep safe and well,

The Fresh Kids Team

Each family’s situation has been different during the lockdown period. In order for us to minimise risks and keep everyone safe, please let us know straight away if you or anyone in your household shows new symptoms of Covid-19.

Children who are unwell in any way, not just with recognised Covid-19 symptoms i.e. cough or persistent high temperature, should not attend under any circumstance. 

Telephone: 01932 225 953 . Email: info@trainfresh.com